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5 Mental Health Facts You Should Know

Mental health is just as important as physical health and can even be a determining factor of it. 

Did you know, 1 in 5 American adults experience a mental health issue in their lifetime and 1 in 10 young people experience major depression in their lifetime?  Although those numbers are alarming, many of these individuals recover completely.  Check out the 5 things you should know about mental health and how to advocate for yourself and others.  

Mental Health Fact #1 – Children can experience mental health problems. 

Half of all mental disorders show signs before a child turns 14 years of age and three quarters of mental health concerns begin before age 24.  Unfortunately, less than 20% of adolescents receive the proper treatment needed to fully recover.  Early detection and treatment can help mental health problems and keep them from interfering with other developmental needs. 

Mental Health Fact #2 – People with mental health concerns are just as productive as other employees. 

Employers who hire individuals with mental health problems report good attendance, punctuality and motivation.  These employees are motivated by effective feedback, lower health costs (due to benefits), and decreased disability costs.   

Mental Health Fact #3 – Mental health has nothing to do with being lazy or weak. 

There are many factors that contribute to mental health problems including: biological factors, physical illnesses, brain chemistry, life experiences, trauma, history of abuse and more.  Most individuals when treated properly can have a full recovery.  Recovery is defined by individuals being able to live, work, learn and fully participate in their communities.  

Mental Health Fact #4 – Friends and Family make a big difference in mental health recovery. 

Only 44% of adults with mental health problems and 20% of children receive the proper treatment needed to fully recover.  Friends and family are major influencers of getting help.  They can provide support in searching for providers.  Even treating someone with a mental health problem with respect can make them feel “seen” and safe.  

Mental Health Fact #5 – People with severe mental health problems die 10-20 years sooner than the general population.  

Mental health problems take a toll on your physiological and social well-being.  It is important to seek help early-on when symptoms are detected in order to recover sooner and live a longer, healthier life.  

These are just a few facts about why mental health is so important.  Please always make sure to listen to your mind and body and seek help when needed.  If you’re looking for a mental health consultation, you can contact DiscoverU Health  to learn more about how to get started today!  

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