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5 Pros of Face-to-Face Patient Care

In a new age world where everything is done online, there are still benefits to personal touch.  

Pro #1 – Physical Examination Ability  

With the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has become a popular method to get routine visits completed, however; the value of in-person physical examination cannot be duplicated online.  Virtual visits are good at helping understand what symptoms are present and giving recommendations, but in-person visits are unparalleled when it comes to actual diagnoses and patient treatment.  

Pro #2 – Relationship Building  

Although a lot of Americans utilized telemedicine in the past year and a half, there is nothing like a brick-and-mortar office when it comes to relationship building.  There is something special about meeting your doctor face-to-face, experiencing their genuine nature and being able to ask unlimited questions that don’t have a time limit on them or a Wi-Fi signal going bad.  Many don’t even get to speak with the specialist directly with telehealth because there are representatives facilitating the conference calls.  

Pro #3 – Structure and Consistency 

Anytime you visit the doctor’s office, you are going to receive your current height, blood pressure results, and even against your better judgment, your post-pandemic weight.  All these things are great to know and monitor regularly.  According to a recent study, blood pressure was recorded in 70% of doctor’s office visits compared to only 10% of telemedicine visits.   

Pro #4 – Emergencies  

Although telemedicine is convenient, it is ineffective when emergencies occur.  When you need stitches, surgery and vaccinations it’s impossible to accomplish those tasks virtually.  You should always go to a doctor’s office when an emergency occurs and if you need a referral for a more serious diagnoses.  

Pro #5 – Continuity  

Seeing the same Primary Care Physician (PCP) over the years helps detect symptoms early, it’s great for preventive care.  When you build rapport with your PCP they are more likely to connect other symptoms and new findings with your history.  Your PCP will also help you keep track of your immunization records, blood pressure and other vitals to help decrease the risk of chronic conditions and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

There are many pros to seeing a doctor face-to-face and it’s so great that the world is opening back up and you can get a proper primary care visit scheduled.  If you haven’t already found a PCP in your area, feel free to connect with DiscoverU Health  for your next visit!  

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