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Chronic Care

Preventive Care, Saves Lives

Ongoing health concerns is a reality for so many. Approximately 133 million Americans are affected with a chronic illness and 81 million have multiple conditions. Although the numbers are staggering, it’s important to understand many chronic conditions are generally incurable. That’s why chronic management and preventative care is so vital for your health.

Our Care Team will develop an individualized health plan, regular coaching, and encouragement along the way.

Go Public With Your Health

So often, shame, frustration and anger fill the minds of those with ongoing health-related issues alone. Daily pain is experienced privately but it’s time to go public. Our unique approach of ‘bringing care to you’ eliminates the barriers of health and promotes partnership. Whether you are feeling up or down, we will go through the journey with you. Our Care Team will review your health records, identify needs, provide resources, and deliver care and/or direct support. We are here to help you achieve improved health.

Our Care Team will review your health records, identify needs, provide resources, and deliver care and/or direct support.

Common Chronic Conditions

VIP Membership

Our Chronic Care Service is a VIP membership plan that grants you access to a wide range of health support professionals and tailor health plans based on your health history, needs, and specifications. Your individualized health plan will include goals, millstones and measurable outcomes.  

Services are provided in three subgroups: Medication, Nutrition and Fitness Management.

Our Chronic Care Team is comprised of Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Pharmacist, Dietitians, Psychologist /Rehabilitation Counselors, Physical Therapist, and Personal Assistance.

We Provide Preventive  Support

Primary prevention

intervening before disease occurs

Secondary prevention

Detecting and treating the disease at an early stage

Tertiary prevention

Managing disease to slow or stop its progression

Primary prevention

Intervening before disease occurs

Secondary prevention

Detecting and treating the disease at an early stage

Tertiary prevention

Managing disease to slow or stop its progression

Frequently Ask Question

Why invest in chronic care?

Are you overwhelmed by life demands? Are you struggling to prioritize your health? Are ready to make an invest in your health but don’t know how to get started?

Common chronic conditions?

Chronic conditions can be a tremendous burden to both patients and the health care system.

Chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, chronic lung disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and chronic kidney disease, are the leading causes of poor health, long-term disability, and death in the United States.

24/7 Days a Week Availability

In addition to home visits, we are available to our patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for urgent issues. We can provide care over the phone, telehealth or through our patient portal.

Chronic Care Membership

Our chronic care services are a membership-based program available to adults 40 plus. As a member, you’ll be partnering with a specialty practice that can support you through preventative and sustainable practices.  Our Care Team experts will be understanding your unique health needs and tailor services just for you. We will create goals and implement practices to achieve improved health outcomes.

VIP membership

Our annual memberships start at $1668/per year, which is approximately $4.63 per day - essentially the price of a cup of coffee - you can get the security of having a practitioner and care team who get to know you, who will help keep you healthy, and who will be there for you when you get sick.

Are Co-Pays or Coinsurance Still Required?

Yes, co-pays or co-insurance fees are still required. As we provide various health services, we will bill your insurance and document the services provided.

Appointments at Your Convenience

As a member, you will be able to access our private Care Team. These services are ideal for busy professionals and aging adults. You can make appointments to fit their schedule via online or by phone. Urgent visits within a day or two at most appointments for a home visit. Depending on the issue, we may even be able to diagnose and treat you over the phone or through the patient portal, without a home visit.

Preventative Care

DiscoverU Health strongly believe in the power of prevention, and through personalized lifestyle interventions as well as evidence-based screening tests, we can help keep you healthy. We will take the time to get to know you and conduct a thorough health history so that we can identify any potential health risks based on previous illnesses or family history.

Coordinated Care

As your medical advocates, we will coordinate all of your healthcare needs, including lab tests, diagnostic imaging, specialist care, and hospitalizations. You can rely on us for the information you need in order to make decisions about your healthcare.

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    Nutrition Therapy

    Medical Nutrition Therapy

    Did you know, therapeutic diets which can help treat many chronic diseases? Nutrition services should be the first treatment method to improve conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension COPD, osteoporosis, cancer and more. Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is an evidence-based medical approach to treating certain chronic conditions through the use of an individually tailored nutrition plan. It’s more than nutrition education, it’s intended to treat medical conditions and attempts to lower the risk of new complications. MNT provided by Our Care Team; Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist. We accept, primary care physician nutritional orders.

    Benefits Of Medical Nutrition Therapy

    • Slow or reverse symptoms of chronic disease
    • Prevent other diseases from happening
    • Increase your daily energy and activity levels
    • Lose weight naturally
    • Reduce your health care costs
    • Increase happiness and confidence

    Medication Therapy

    Medication Therapy Management

    Prevent medication -related adverse events by increasing your knowledge and awareness of your prescription medication. Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a variety of individualized services to optimize therapeutic outcomes (help patients get the most benefit from their medications) and detect and prevent costly medication problems. MTM provided by Our Care Team, Pharmacists, the medication therapy expert.


    Benefits Of Medication Therapy Management

    • Review of all medications prescribed by all prescribers providing care to the client
    • Review any over the counter and herbal products the patient may be taking to identify and address medication problems.
    • Identify misuse of medications (medication not being used correctly),
    • Identify duplication of medications, unnecessary medications, and
    • Identify the need for medication(s) for an untreated or inappropriately managed condition.
    • In-depth, medication-related education and consultation
    • Advice provided to client, family and/or caregivers to help assure proper use of medications
    • Collaboration with the patient, physician, and other health care providers to develop and achieve optimal goals of medication therapy.

    Fitness Therapy

    Fitness Therapy

    Move your body often and intentionally. Fitness Therapy combines exercise with psychotherapy. Individual Fitness Therapy focuses on total body health & wellness by conditioning the patient's entire body, instead of concentrating on the specific injured area(s). Sessions go above and beyond what you can receive from a traditional trainer—they will enable you to become motivated, goal-oriented, and empowered while simultaneously strengthening your body. Fitness Therapy provided by Our Care Team, Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer.


    Benefits Of Fitness Therapy

    • Tailored health plans
    • Increase physical activity
    • Maintain bones, muscles, and joints
    • Range of motion
    • Improve balance and mobility
    • Improve stamina and muscle strength
    • Strength conditioning
    • Reduce chronic conditions
    • Flexibility

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      DiscoverU Health was curated with you in mind. Our services are designed to ‘bring care to you’ offers convenient health service.  We provide quality, value-based healthcare services while advocating in the best interest of clients and the families we serve. We create an environment to help our client achieve measurable health outcomes through Primary Care, Home Care, Chronic Care, Mental Care and Care Coordination. We hope you enjoy our services.

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