Ministry Leadership Coaching

Helping you integrate concepts into your life and ministry that enable you to define and develop your influence and impact.

01Individualized Coaching Approach

No cookie-cutter programs. Only one-on-one consulting that helps you move forward.

02Real-World Solutions

Our consultants don’t live in an ivory tower. We provide down-to-earth, time-tested advice.

03Skills Learning

Every stage of life – and ministry is a learning process. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing.

Our FounderTowanda Coles

Towanda’s passion is serving the kingdom of GOD through administrative and leadership consulting by showing others how to serve GOD in the spirit of excellence. With over 20 years of leadership experience serving the local church, Towanda has expertise in the areas of Church Administration, Leadership Development and Ministry Operations.
New Ideas
Hard Work

Greater Influence and Impact

Helping You Embrace Your God-Given Potential
Evaluating Your Resources
Exploring Your Talents
Examining Your Opportunities
Expressing Your Unique Perspective

Ministry Team Consulting Sessions and Training

Our founder, Towanda Coles, has worked with dozens of ministry teams throughout the years, helping them explore, define, and act upon their God-given abilities. If your ministry team is looking for the encouragement and insight to make a breakthrough, consider talking to Towanda about an inspirational talk or group training session.

A Thriving Ministry Starts HereEquipping Church Leaders and Enabling Congregations

A Single Conversation Could Change EVERYTHING!

You’ve watched other ministries as they’ve been able to gain traction in influencing and impacting others for Jesus Christ. There’s no secret or magic wand to wave. Instead, there are people who’ve already been there who can show you the way. Towanda Coles is one of those people.