DiscoverU Health was curated with you in mind. Our services are designed to bring you convenient health service. We hope you enjoy our services.


Our care team

Exclusive care team

Our Care Team is comprised of multidisciplinary care of healthcare professionals, including nurses’ practitioners, dietitians, certified caregivers, and administrators, who work together to provide high-quality and coordinated care to patients within their healthcare organization. Our goal provides high-quality and individualized care to patient’s adult and geriatrics are seeking optimum health and wellness.

Message from the founder

Benefits of DiscoverU Health Services
  • Easy, convenient appointments via office visits, telehealth, and house calls
  • Hassle -free appointment scheduling with NO wait time
  • Spend more time with your Practitioner’s every visit
  • Save client time, quick response to your health matters
  • Increase early intervention for preventative care
Other benefits
  •  Save  money and reduce medical costs
  • No commuting to medical appointments
  • Develop stronger relationship with Practitioner and Care Team
  • Enhance the quality of care for members and supporting caregivers
  • Reduce medical emergencies and reduce hospitalizations
  • Reduce fragmented care, with longer time per visits
  • Eliminate missed appointments and delayed treatment
  • Reduce poor control of chronic conditions

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    DiscoverU Health was curated with you in mind. Our services are designed to ‘bring care to you’ offers convenient health service.  We provide quality, value-based healthcare services while advocating in the best interest of clients and the families we serve. We create an environment to help our client achieve measurable health outcomes through Primary Care, Home Care, Chronic Care, Mental Care and Care Coordination. We hope you enjoy our services.

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