Out of the Box Ministry Strategies

Living Out the Excellence of God in Our Ministries

01God has shown you the next ministry steps.

We’re here to help you take them.

02You’re looking for more than ideas.

You’re looking for strategies that fit with your ministry culture and mission.

03You don’t have time for theory.

You’re looking for tactical ministry direction that will resonate with your people.


A Collaborative ApproachExcellence in Ministry Consultation

We listen before we leap and love before we give advice.

Great ideas are only helpful as they are able to overcome the roadblocks to change within a ministry. Towanda Coles, our founder, works carefully with church leadership to navigate these sometime turbulent waters.

Proper Planning
Follow Through

Breaking ThroughHelping Your Followers Embrace New Ministry Ideas

The right tools and systems can be used to help your staff and congregation discover the power of change and embrace the process of change. A few of these tools are:

Explaining Change
Modeling Change
Committing to Change
Working Through Change

The Generation GapBringing Every Age Group Into the Conversation

Churches minister to everyone, and we want every member – regardless of their age – to be involved in taking the ministry into the future.

Often, the term “new ideas” becomes synonymous with “the young, hip crowd” when ministry leaders think about bringing in someone from the outside to consult on ministry strategy. That’s not the case with the Kingdom Excellence team. Our founder, Towanda Coles, cares about the multi-generational aspect of your ministry, and will work to put together concepts that everyone can embrace.


A Thriving Ministry Starts HereEquipping Church Leaders and Enabling Congregations

Out of the Box Ministry Ideas Don’t Have to Be Scary

We can help you sort through dozens of ideas that have worked for other ministries and determine what will fit well with your strengths and resources.