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Psychiatric Therapy

Benefits Of Psychiatry

Enjoy therapeutic evidence-based treatments, or EBTs, are methods that have been proven effective at reducing symptoms and overall functioning. Our Care Team includes Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), specialize in psychiatric evaluation, mental health care and prescription management. We provide easy, private, and comfortable treatments at the comfort of your home (telehealth/telemedicine). All services are tailored with expert mental health treatment.

Nutritional Psychiatry

We believe food is medicine which is properly. Nutritional psychiatry focuses on the use of food and supplements to provide these essential nutrients as part of an integrated or alternative treatment for mental health. Good nutrition, regular exercise and adequate sleep supports a healthy lifestyle improvements recovery and overall wellness.

Sustain your Mental Health

A positive mental health is possible. Here are a few tips to help you on that journey.

 Healthy Diet:  Studies have shown foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish and eggs, can positively affect mood.

Physical Activity: Move your body. Even simple activities such as taking a walk a few times a week can improve your mental and emotional health.

Mental Exercise:  Your mind needs a variety of exercise such as solve puzzles to keep engaged and active.

Affirmations: Increase positive mental talk and self-affirmations improves mental and emotional stability.

Recognizing Mental Health Issues: It might be difficult but be your own advocate. Recognize when we are suffering from a mental health issue and seek help.

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    DiscoverU Health was curated with you in mind. Our services are designed to ‘bring care to you’ offers convenient health service.  We provide quality, value-based healthcare services while advocating in the best interest of clients and the families we serve. We create an environment to help our client achieve measurable health outcomes through Primary Care, Home Care, Chronic Care, Mental Care and Care Coordination. We hope you enjoy our services.

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