Taking The Stress Out of Mentorship and Evangelism

Developing the processes you need to engrain mentorship and evangelism into the fabric of your congregation’s daily life.


Let’s work together to envision a mentorship and evangelism strategy your people will get behind.


Let’s build out the individual and group training needed to put your pro-growth plan into action.


Let’s roll out your mentorship and evangelism initiative in a way that gets your people excited and involved.


Overcoming the ObstaclesHelping You Leap the Hurdles to Mentorship and Evangelism

“Having served in various leadership roles in the local church, I observed how several great ideas would be introduced that could move ministries forward, however those ideas often don’t make it to execution due to fear of breaking with tradition, lack of proper planning/follow-through, and the inability to embrace alternative methods. Kingdom Excellence Consulting provides a way of disrupting the status quo in a healthy way by providing time-tested solutions to common problems faced by the local church.” ~ Towanda Coles
New Ideas
Hard Work

The Four StepsBetter Mentorship and Evangelism Starts Here

Reaching people for Jesus and helping them to learn how to live the Christian life should be as natural as the birth of a child and encouraging that child to take his/her steps through life. Towanda Coles helps churches change evangelism and mentorship from ministries of the church to a natural outflow of every member.

Step #1 – Envisioning new outreach and mentorship strategies
Step #2 – Forging individualized programs and opportunities for each age group
Step #3 – Helping congregational leadership merge the new strategies into the life of the ministry
Step #4 – Training the congregation to incorporate evangelism and mentorship into their daily walk

If excellence matters to GOD, it should matter to you.

Building Strategies of Excellence – Not Just New Ideas

Hundreds of books have been written, scores of conferences held, and dozens of video presentations made about “new” evangelism and mentorship concepts. But you don’t want to do something just because it’s new – or even because it “works.” You want God’s plan for YOUR ministry. We can help.


A Thriving Ministry Starts HereEquipping Church Leaders and Enabling Congregations

Evangelism and Mentorship are the Heartbeat of the Church

It’s great to know that your heart works so well! You WANT your congregation to thrive in the areas of evangelism and mentorship. Let’s put your heart into action.