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Krystal Krisciunas
Krystal Krisciunas
Krystal Krisciunas


Krystal Krisciunas Bio:

Krystal Krisciunas is a board certified nutritionist and licensed dietitian who resides in Baltimore City. Becoming a Certified Nutrition Specialist was one of the most rewarding decisions she has ever made; earning her Masters of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health with a concentration in Herbal Medicine degree from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She identifies the signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiencies and utilizes the healing potential of food to manage chronic disease. Through evidence-based research, advanced nutrition therapy, and behavioral health intervention, she supports long-term health goals.

Krystal’s holistic approach is centered at the intersection of western and eastern philosophies. Her belief is always food first, creating a plan that allows nutrients from our diet to strengthen the body as naturally intended. Whole foods and herbs are powerful tools to enhance wellness and support organ systems. With this focus on functional medicine she assists clients to examine diet culture and understand their individual needs.

A long winding road has led Krystal to be a well rounded practitioner with experience in nutrition recommendations specialized for weight loss, mental health, emotional eating, digestion issues, and sports performance. She has an extensive background in the culinary arts which provides her the ability to create delicious and easy to follow and healthy meals. While the combination of her artistic and athletic endeavors give her a unique perspective to overcome the emotional aspects of eating. As a published contributing writer she deeply cares to prevent cognitive decline related to dementia and other neurological disorders. From her work in substance abuse to her time as an educator in the Baltimore school system, Krystal has dedicated her career to helping people have mental clarity and nourished lives.

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